Why Blue Springs Schools Are Among The Best

Why Blue Springs Schools Are Among The Best

If you’re thinking about moving your family to Blue Springs, you’re making a great choice. The Blue Springs R-IV School District is among the best in the nation. With affordable housing, it’s easy to see why Blue Springs real estate is popular.

Blue Springs High

U.S. News and World Report ranked Blue Springs High School among the best in the country. Ranking factors include student performance, state testing, and college prep classes.

Locally, Blue Springs is also a top district in the Kansas City area and the state of Missouri.

Here’s a quick look at some of the district’s honors:

  • National recognition: U.S. News and World Report silver medal for Blue Springs High School
  • Kansas City metro recognition: Highest performing Kansas City district in 2015-2016
  • Missouri recognition: Highest scores of similarly sized districts in the state
  • Staff: 85% have a Master’s degree or above
  • Extracurricular activity honors: Golden Regiment and Jaguar Pride marching bands, basketball, cheerleading, football, debate, and cross country teams are all considered among the best in their respective sport or extracurricular activity.

There are more than 14-thousand students in the Blue Springs School District, but the focus is still on small class sizes.

Academic Programs

The Blue Springs School District is known for its academic and extracurricular excellence.

With over 100 extracurricular activities available, and specialty courses, there’s something for every student. The Blue Springs School District offers computer coding courses, early childhood education partnership with the KC Zoo, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program, over 200 school and business partnerships, and the Trailblazer Collegiate Academy Associates Degree Program.

High school students have the opportunity to graduate with an associates degree through a unique partnership with Metropolitan Community College. The Trailblazer Collegiate Academy (TCA) gives students a jumpstart on their college education while in high school. Plus, the program reduces the cost of higher education.

Blue Springs South Marching Band

Courtesy: Belinda Johnson / B. Johnson Photography

Nationally recognized marching bands

State championships and nationally ranked programs are part of the outstanding tradition in the Blue Springs School district.

The Blue Springs High School Golden Regiment and Blue Springs South High School Jaguar Pride marching bands are concerned among the best in the nation.

The Golden Regiment is the first from Missouri to be named a Grand National finalist. They finished 10th out of 105 of the nation’s top marching bands in the Grand National Championships.

Championship sports

On the field, Blue Springs students also outperform their peers.

While the tradition of excellence goes back years, recently the track team won its third track and field state championship in four seasons.

The Blue Springs South football team won three state championships, and Blue Springs Wildcats are five-time state champions,

The district as a whole shines, as do the individual schools. Great!Schools offers a snapshot of individual school performance so that you can check the schools in your Blue Springs neighborhood.

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Both photos courtesy of: Belinda Johnson / B. Johnson Photography